Dear Human, from Animal

Do a flip for me! 

Do a trick, it'll be the only way you'll get your food.

Smile Sweetie, Pumpkin, Jimmy, Armie!

I hope you enjoy the room, it'll be your home forever.

Want to run? Swim?

Feel free try laps around this pen, or take a splash in the kiddy pool.

Wake up! The orcas and elephants want to take pictures!

Wake up the tigers are here, they think your so cute, sitting in there; misreable.

Smile babies! 

"Oh mama the humans are so cute!"

"Stupid human"

"Hey baby! Come here!"

I know you liked your home and life, but enjoy it, you're stuck.

Oh how dare you try to attack the people who confined you, you must be evil; scary.

Oh humans they're so inferior.

These humans could not possibly have complex emotions like we do, oh silly humans.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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