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Life is strange when you think you’d be dead “What do you wanna be when you grow up” ”what's your dream job” ”what career do you wanna pursue”
For once in my life, do I dare to feel hope? Have I finally arrived somewhere that I'll learn to cope? I can begin to cast aside my self-doubt, And find something in which to be proud.
I remember the day I tried to die. The feeling of the blood flowing out of my veins no longer calmed me, The pain from the blade no longer distracted me,
My heart races Eyes blood red Loneliness fills the spaces Were happiness fled.   You never touched me but I hugged you
Do you remember what was true before you let the thoughts consume you?An unrecognizable face in a crowd you’ve allowedTo become a disguise you used to hideEvery bruise, cut, scarThe times you tried.
run to the water  to the shower the river  the ocean to rinse  to cleanse the dirt  left on my flesh  but the dirt is far from brown its blue its purple its tender 
Dear Daddy,Where have you been?It's been 13 years,but my skin still crawlswith imprints of your finger
Every time I get my heart broken I cut my hair. I want to cut off inches upon inches, rid my scalp of the hurtful hands that ran through my hair, every playful stroke and every aggressive pull will be erased.  
Lost again within transition Blurred living with no real vision   Numbed aches A Selfless destruction An ease sustained in illicit fashion  
  Do not try to invade my thoughts; my cross is too heavy to bear... Just listen when I need to express them, & I will make you fully aware!   Ill let you into my life, and all to me that is real; I will open up my heart and tell you how I...
They say you only dream In black and white. If that's the case I've never seen Such vivid blacks and stunning whites As run through my mind at night.   Longing, peril, mystery; 
carry on through the rain when the storm doesn't cease to pound  ravenously on your bare back in the middle of nowhere   carry your head high  when ropes from hell tie themselves to your chin
A promise broken,You said you would keep me.You said you would stop,Mommy, Daddy can you hear me? A touch from God saved me,
stared at her  The girl I loved  And she stared back As tears glistened In her deep brown  Glossy eyes She took my hand With hers She took my hand 
Three years have passed since, There is no salvation from the mistakes, From the agony and pain I have caused my friends and kin. From the wrong I have done in this grim, This grimmest of days, months, years.
Attraction In it lies “action” Meaning your plan needs some traction To find your satisfaction Kiss Causing sweet sweet bliss Something you cannot miss Or else you will be dissed Love
The dewdrops in the morning seem to weep.  Such short lived beauty, so little to keep.  Such tranquility in a single drop, Yet so small that it can't even be cropped.   
My best friend was the bottle. My brother was the smoke. I lived it up real good Before life caught up and choked Me out of my mind. And now I see That I was killin' myself. Now all that I need
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