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Eyes like sparkling diamond seas Reflecting the light from my stars Shining beams of admiration Or curiosity Shine on my cheeks in the dimly lit auditorium of this moment Feel the warmth of my love
I am not given much notice.
A heart of diamond can't break A stream won't flow from a stone. Even if the earth were to shake, The mountain stands on its own.   Is a glare made of diamond?
With love I survive and grow and thrive For all pursuits need guidance, And my soul was made a contrivance- Meant to collect the love and compact it Into the diamond known as life  
My sister is a diamond, illuminating into surrounded darkness. Tears are falling like the rain from the sky, she does handle a lot. Facing pain? She is made of steel. She does not utter “NO”,
I can see it all. The downfall of men. The inevitable destruction of all we once held close.   There is nothing we can do, but watch.   Watch as all the hope, comforts,
My diamond is not for you My diamond does not need your approval  My diamond does not want to be told what to do  My diamond can make a revalation move  My diamond is not meant to be misused 
The sky is so bright but there is no sun Balls lost from sight in the light leave you on the run Searching for the ball as the missing piece to a puzzle hours go by in only seconds of action
The clean cut edges, The smoothness of each base, Every corner better than the next, Perfectly polished, Standing in awe of its grandness, The happiness melts in, First, Second, Third,
We will never be satisfied. It is against human nature To be content with what we have in our lives. Everyone wants more.
Sometimes I want to dive in to greet the bottom of the ocean floor Sometimes I want to jump off to see what lies in the concrete. Sometimes I want to drink because I am curious about what hides at the bottom of the bottle
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