My diamond is not for you

My diamond does not need your approval 

My diamond does not want to be told what to do 

My diamond can make a revalation move 

My diamond is not meant to be misused 

My diamond lies between my thighs 

Creating an elegance for only my eyes to see,

But your revalation will not happen between these thighs 

Your revalation will not have me up all night trying to make you feel right,

Because between these thighs lies

A revalation created by Gods eyes

My diamond is meant for me 

My diamond must be glorified 

My diamond is the connection to my body, soul, and mind 

My diamond is why I hold my head up high

You will never know what me and my diamond go through,

Because my diamond is not meant for you

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Emily M Skaggs


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