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If I was in a preppy white girl’s shoes… Alright, got my eyeliner, mascara, red matte lipstick, glitter Germ-X. Ok, Julie, its show biz. Puff up those blonde locks, make sure it gives the boys a shock.
Lazily trudging down halls Her mind pasted on the walls They saw what she thought  And saw she was wrought  And lacked the very thing they all knew
He wondered what is life trapped in the unknown? Waking up to a beautiful morning, all sounds monotone He cannot recognize his identity or deeper emotions
We are invisible to our friends and even more to the world. We believe we can see through each other. But, It’s crazy how we can be invisible to ourselves. We look in the mirror and what we see is a little bleak. I think I can look inside your sou
There is said to be “a space in our heart that can never be filled.” To believe this to be true is so fundamentally flawed. Perhaps even unreal. I can see love’s undeniable presence within this world
Lost in thought along slough pews–-   sweating doors–-   curdled smiles; sleepy summer minds
I'm everything and nothingand yet still something.I'm rude and polite.Mean and nice.Fire and ice.
After kindergarten You had gradually discovered  The code of the alphabet
We are expected to be full of ourselves. We are expected to show the world only What it wants: Perfect People, Queens, Godesses.   Like prisoners on a hunger strike
A technicolor gang of striped shirts came this way.
The demons claw as the sun decends The wolves howl as the moon ascends Dark is the world that consumes the light Just as the monsters takes flight   Joy, laughter, happiness are objects of peaceful reality
There's ME and there's the TITLE. I'm a double agent in my own life.   Alone, my demeanor is at odds.   I'm mad at the world... I smile and sing exuberantly...
I am starting to worry I find myself confused these days Not quite sure when my words are real,
My face is numb My legs weak My body limp
The quiet silenceAs my soul remembers meAll that I became
Have you ever noticed how your laugh sounds different when you're with your closest friend than it does with your dad?   Have you ever wondered what it would look inside of an
I must have bought a faulty mirror Because I can’t see what others see I look and see my simple reflection They see words surrounding me
Little girl, Nose stuffed in journals all day, longing You never come out to play, they say But you're just waiting for the chance It feels like epochs have gone by; it's only been a few years
My imagination tells a story of the greatness of words   Words break the silence They are the epitome of freedom  and as I speak... they caress your ears dancing through the air  
  I can’t figure this out. Do we change throughout life? Or one person the day we were born, And the same when we depart? Take colors. The day you were born You were red.
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