School Shootings

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I went to a new school When I was six years old One day our teacher got a call Hide. Is what we were told   Kids went under desks and into closets Hide anywhere you can!
Thoughts and Prayers   My thoughts and prayers are not enough.   I think about how I wanted to start this poem by quoting
Day in and day out. Through the halls and down coridors. He walks with vegance. Little could see nor understand. Sirens scream as hallways drip. Thankful to no longer be a target. Eyes close in the ER.
The sound comes from down the hall It draws nearer as you fill with dread   They reach the classroom   Shots fire through the room
i am human... I ask my parents for advice, I dont ask them to beat me I am human... I get in the bus, they throw my backpack through the window I Am human...
RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! There goes the bell for the first period of my high school monotony Yet, with each shattering clang of metal, my heart beats faster
When I think of the world I'm afraid to look at what it has become. People struggle through the darkness that has risen all through out the pastures of their very land.
There was a newspaper headline a few days ago ‘America Is Weeping’ All I could think was So you chose to join the party?
“But the Second Amendment!” they say, Moments before their children are killed by a right to bare arms, “It's because the lack of bigger guns that it ended up this way!”
One text. One reply. Two texts. Two replies. Three texts. No replies. No response; which was so unorthodox. I thought this was so uncool, to be in school.
This past week has been hard but I’m trying my damndest. You’ve been inviting me over every day but I keep saying no. Because I’m terrified that I’ll go too far and lose something private.
  Somebody thought He should write a poemAbout this
Today I sat in the darkened kitchen Convinced that a shooter was going to kill me But in those moments I realized what I loved What I would miss What I was truly grateful for   One
There’s an underbelly of this school Not where the cool kids rule I’m starting to think they run the place Like some all powerful alien race Some represent a pool of sludge I blame it on their hideous pudge
  She sits alone, to be out of sight.  Unheard. She hides behind the booming voices of unorganized chatter.  Screeching people.
Friends and I moving on.Two are going into the militaryOne isn't good with structure.One structures everything.  
The metal was warm against my flesh I wondered where I'd go The trigger was right under my finger Another thought came though   "Why does it have to be me? I do not deserve to die"
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