This Has Got To Be Said


Somebody thought 
He should write a poem
About this

An automatic weapon in the hands of a dead man
Horrible sight
Took a lot of might
To keep the tears in
My God
This is a god damn 
This is sin
Hearts are bleeding tears everywhere
2018 turned back to 2012
Asking for 1984
Understanding and tolerance 
being replaced with fear
Get your gun
One time only
Its on sale 
My dear I want to say
Dry your tears
This won’t happen again

They didn’t say it
But I heard them think it
Why isn’t he writing it

But not even the wild west
Had seen anything like this
If only he would have given some cop lip
They would have picked up the tip
Made him trip
They shoot and beat up people
All the time
But him
Not even a fine
Walks free
And carries a gun
In the school
Where it all began
He’s still alive
And seventeen lives are gone
In this police state
With the highest incarceration rate
If only he been caught trying sell a lid

I’m not going to be silent in the knowledge
That our government failed us

Seventeen dead
Devils been fed

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (Word Witch) 2/20/18

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