How one act changed the whole county.

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 19:20 -- kait456

One text.

One reply.

Two texts.

Two replies.

Three texts.

No replies.

No response;

which was so unorthodox.

I thought this was so uncool,

to be in school.

I thought it was so boring,

that I would rather be snoring.

Then a rumble started to emerge.

I heard a surge.

News started spreading like a wildfire.

I thought I should enquire.

In my own county?

Near by the towny?

I couldn’t even fathom;

even with every atom.

One answer.

Two answers.

Three answers.

My loved ones are safe,

but now it’s all a chafe.

As the news spread;

the fear did not shed.

The school had a different feel.

I still couldn’t believe it was all real.

Leaving my school made me feel lucky,

they were so unlucky.

Hearing of this event on the news,

pushed me further into the blues.

I can’t believe it happened,

all I felt was saddened.

I never thought it could happen here.

It was never a fear.

Now it is real,

and all we can do is heal.

My county is still my home.

I will never roam.

It is like the blood in my veins,

so it still remains.

The love for the people and my county will never fade,

and my county I will never trade.

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My community
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