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Another high school poem, this time from senior year ELA. The first of three poems in a final project assigned during the poetry unit.
sleeping, I should be sleeping, But you find me here up and writing keys clicking space bar tapping anxious but calm intervals of still and shaking
I met you two years ago, but I never knew your name.   I was a waitress at a food kitchen when I first met you. I instantly saw your pain.   You looked no older than twenty, but you had wrinkles like an old man.
One: When I was three years old I told everyone I knew that I was an alien from Pluto. I was born as a daughter of Pluto. I crawled my way out of the dust I was conceived in.
A shark, a ship, a vigilante Directed by three visionary S's Masters of their craft 70s classics, American landmarks, celluloid perfection Filled with horror, thrills, unease A great white adventure
My face and body are human as can be. How come however why don't I feel a part of humanity?   I look through eyes and something joins me. What is this being that is cohabitating, what can it be?  
He's got the charm of a devil, smile to prove it. She's got a mind full of fate, heart to win it. I've got a life full of time and no one to spend it on.
Aliens. I believe in aliens. I know they are real because I am one. I know I'm an alien because human stare at me. I know I'm an alien because humans often tell me I'm different.
At one point in time we believe we are the center Whether it was while we were younger and ignorant Or hundreds of years ago when man was just learning  
First Impressions A nice smile, soft brown eyes,A look that’s worry free.
How ironic it is to be controlled by the ones who should encourage expression
Through glossy eyes I view the world In colors to beautiful to describe But all you see when you look at me Is a young man with starry eyes   It's not like I haven't faced a crucible
Looking thru you to  tomorrows i didn’t even know existed -
I'm not a hero, but i can save you from feeling worthless. I'm not a hero, but i have the power to make you feel important. I'm not a hero, but i can save you when you fall. I'm not a hero,
You would never think of stars Those tiny, inconsequential lights in the night sky You would never believe our sun Is exactly like those white lights Its golden rays shining on your face
I get in the way Of planes and birds flying at me They forgot To save the day And the people scream And tremble watching their walls Disintegrate In a fragile state
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