Jaws, Alien, Taxi Driver

A shark, a ship, a vigilante

Directed by three visionary S's

Masters of their craft

70s classics, American landmarks, celluloid perfection

Filled with horror, thrills, unease

A great white adventure

A claustrophobic nightmare

A harrowing character study

Set in water, in space, in the streets

Scheider, Shaw, Dreyfuss

Weaver, Skerritt, Harry Dean Stanton

De Niro, De Niro, De Niro

Keitel, Foster, A Cameo

Legendary performances

Memorable moments

Impeccable writing

Perfect worldbuilding

Inspiring direction

Cinema has come 

to shape me this past year

You talkin to me?

Watched over 450 films 

in just 365 days

I can't lie to you about your chances

but you have my sympathies

How can I turn this

love of mine

into a career of mine

We're gonna need a bigger boat

Never known what I wanted

Wasn't sure who I should be

The real world is scary

The fear of the unknown

I think I know now

Jaws, Alien, Taxi Driver









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