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Ghandi said an eye for an eye will make the world blind well lately I've been wondering if a soul for a soul would hold the same value
We've all been in that situation. We fear to say no to protect the dignity of the other while completely disregarding our own.
Teenagers just want to have fun. Of course that would mean drinking, But it’s just fun I wonder if it’s just fun Because I am Jada
Too many people know what it's like To not be in control of your own life. The one thing you own - that's totally yours Is used and abused and left at the door. Your first time is supposed to be a magical thing
I remember the first time we had sex. How you asked me if we’d ever get the chance.   You said you’d tell me your “number” As if that’d be enough to convince me,
Is there anything but The harsh reality of today's world To look forward to? Children dream of The freedom of adulthood While adults yearn for The ignorant bliss Of childhood.  
Women now adays are seen as "objects" not as the human beings we are treating us as were another "species." Do we have to dress a certain way or have a certain look for us to recieve the same amount of respect that we give you as men in this worl
He said I was fine But I told his ass no He grabbed my behind But I told his ass no He said come on look at that dress But i told his ass no He said I know you a freak just give it up
#IamJada The darkness and hatred, makes you sick. But as much as you want to you can never forget. We must spread the words, not use our fists. It's not cause we're weak, it's cause we're strong.
This angers me. The fact that an innocent 16 year old had to go through something horrible The fact that she was unconscious and those jerks took advantage The fact that they took pictures and posted them online
In today’s world, one of the hardest things to be in life is a woman.
There were lights, and music, and drinks, and people were swaying and laughing. I'm sure it was late and  the drinks made your insides feel warm and you did not expect anything more than a party.
  I saw this image of this young girl who was laying on the floor, I had to look closer and I saw she didn't have no clothes on, I judged at first I can admit, like what the hell is this?
#IAmJada I am strong. I have courage. You don't have to go along. I won't fear you. I won't try to please. I'm letting go. I'm doing this for me. I won't be helpless.
You only see them laugh But in silence they pray, Please god, Don't let me be the girl, That this happens to today, You'll joke about her pain, Hashtag Jadapose, Pretend it's a game,
I never thought  it would end like this I gave myself For nothing. I can't believe You would do this. But I am And always have been, Stronger than you, I will overcome this.
So this is how it ends? I give you my trust, I give my time, I give you myself. I believe that you only want what's best for me, that you feel for me how I feel for you.
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