This is How It Ends


So this is how it ends?

I give you my trust, I give my time, I give you myself.

I believe that you only want what's best for me, that you feel for me how I feel for you.

There's no way you'd ever hurt me, no way I'd be just a worthless trophy on your shelf.

And I KNOW that YOU know that I'm wrapped around your finger, that I'm gone.

In my eyes you're a king. In yours, me? A worthless pawn.

I give you ME! My good, my bad, my ugly, my beauty.

I put it all in your hands, for you to keep, love, and cherish.

For YOU to keep. For YOU to love. For YOU to cherish.

And you give it all away? You share it with the world?

You trash my treasures, and I end up "that girl?"

So this is how it ends?

Well think again.

I am NO man's victim. I am NO weak link.

I am no you.

I'll learn from my wrongs, move on, become strong. I will transcend.

And that is how it will end.



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