Is there anything but

The harsh reality of today's world

To look forward to?

Children dream of

The freedom of adulthood

While adults yearn for

The ignorant bliss

Of childhood.


Every day

More and more innocents

Are corrupted and vandalized.

Each and every hour

Ladies and gentlemen,

Boys and girls are

Hurt, harassed, destroyed.


Every day

The children of yesterday

Are forced to be adults

Through sick acts

Of unimaginable violation.

The younger, the prettier,

The better.


Every unforgiving day

Presents an answer to

The problem, if only

We are brave enough to see it.

Each day we are given

The gift of an opportunity

To help the victimized,

To save the broken.

So now I make a single promise:



I will reach out a hand to those in need.


I will love my neighbor.


I will be a voice for the voiceless.


I will refuse to give in to the tide of my peers.



Will be too late.


Is never good enough.


Is no more than an excuse for the cowards.


I must fight for the weak today.

Stand up for the broken this day

And the next alike.

I refuse to wait for tomorrow

When today the hurting is everywhere.

I will make my mark

And create a world worth living in

Today and every day to follow.

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