Hashtag Jadapose

You only see them laugh

But in silence they pray,

Please god,

Don't let me be the girl,

That this happens to today,

You'll joke about her pain,

Hashtag Jadapose,

Pretend it's a game,

But you'd scream and you'd shout,

If you went home and heard,

"Brother, someone touched me when you went out."

What of your mother,

She's big and she's strong,

What if she came home crying,

Refusing to tell you what went wrong,

Because she's scared and ashamed,

She must've done something bad,

For what happened to happen to her today,

And it goes beyond just girls and just women,

It may only be 5% of all men

But that's not any less important.

Poetry Slam: 



This was a great poem, love it! Very smart, flipping the script on those who made fun of her. It is NOT funny or cool and you honored her with that! Good job! #IAMJADA

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