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Why is it that girls like me aren't allowed to wear what they please

Why is it that the ones we trust most seem to put fear into us

Why is is that a girl of such a young age is forced to fill the horrid pleasure

Of A fetish

They say because her dress showed off her shape that it was an invitation for Rape

Or the little girls young body opened the doors for Molestation

They lie and say

How can I ever hurt a woman

That little girl is like a daughter to me

She came on to me

I’m a good guy

the world will stand by,turn a blind eye while the girl at the bus stop is defiled

Young girls are left alone to cry

A year or two of jail time isn’t enough

Compared to the lifetime of scars left on the mind of this young girl

So scared she refuses to take off her overload of clothes

She feels so alone unable to tell her mother so afraid she would get angry

His words repeat in her mind it’s your fault, you’ve brought this on yourself

Don’t ever tell a soul

Then as it is over he has the audacity to hug and say goodbye to her

So afraid that it will happen again the young girl chooses to hide away

If she is ever to be free no never forget the past now that is crazy

But have the power to be kind to yourself and feel beauty within you

We cannot stop until the world has change

No more turning of the blind eye

Young girls should be free to wear what they please

No man shall be given leeway while a young girl sits and cries in her room so afraid of the events she sits and cries and wants to die

I say no more to the belittling of Rape and Molestation

and allowing these girls to believe it was their fault

.We are mothers,daughters,sisters,nieces so full of life that no longer should be taken by those with sick intentions

Ladies free yourselves from the memories yet never forget because in time youll see

You are wonderfully and beautifully made.


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