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Eu vou tocar todos os sinos Para o seu aniversário Eu vou tirar dos meus bolsos Joias extravagantes das belas enseadas.  
I have many-a successes in my life Although I have not always lived in the light In the light of what is doing what is right It has always been a fight   I try to do what makes my parents proud
Festival of lights  shines the eternal flame, If it doesn't move your heart let the glimmer reach your soul. 
When I was little I used to be angry at the world For letting the night sky Grow dark.   I was angry at them For taking away the stars
Walking down the hallway Look down and it's flooded with lights Everyone had those shoes Well I didn't Thought they were cool though And yeah They were cool And I thought I'd get some
I forget them in the day time, all the little lights At me they wave and blink and do their damndest to get my attention, but I pay them no mind
Those small Christmas lights lit up my whole world Those lights made me smile for just a short time THey made time last forever, everything whirled Little orbs that were bright and made life fine,
A platform for Thespis and song,  I would like to thank the stage.  A barrier from audience and wrong,  I would like to thank the curtain.  A guide off the stage and on,  I would like to thank the lights. 
You ever walk down the street, and find it empty? The sidewalks barren, with no one, nothing in sight. The lights are dim, as if knowing  today is nothing special.
They're too fast They speak of things I don't understand Their lips are quick but their minds are slow here  I would rather be there  Here the harrowing hardships are fast  Not slow enough to listen   
                                                         Lights. Lights will shine bright. Bright like sunshine high in the sky, but don't get to close it may not delight. Bright like the sun it shines, yet it lies.
it's a friday night football game a stage set for a comical play a room filled, ready for your song a starry night, beside the one you love the best things happen under the lights
Heat. I love it. Heat. Does it love me? Dehydration, sunurns galore. It hurts. Sun, bright, burns out my eyes. Why, do I sit in it, do I fight for it, do I wish it into existence. For summer fun?
People often wonder why I like to close my eyes. How strange it is, to want to see without sight. Or produce colour, where there is only darkness. Sometimes, the world is too much. Too dull, or just all wrong.
Christmas Lights, Whose power so bright. But not brighter than the grimaces hung from every face in sight. Joyous music fills the air, Holiday decorations fashioned everywhere. But not a holiday spirit can be found, not here, nor there.
I am a storyteller, A teller of tales not my own, Of those who were not recognized, Of those who went above And beyond, Of those who failed, Of those who at least Tried,
Who comes to help you,when you are dying?Who comes to help you,when theres a fire?Who comes to help you,when your on the highway and bust a tire?
The night is like a shining mask. Dark,mysterious, and full of lights. We both hear the howling wolves getting eager to be satisfied. A cricket in the dark brings comfort to the ears on a glooming night. Raw night just waiting to be heard.
I've always loved December The Snow, the lights, the pretty embers If I could own just one night I would wish for magic in the sky   Neon colors would dance, alive Steaking the dark canvas at midnight
Take a deep breath Walk on stage Lights in your face you're on the stage you sit in silence waiting waiting to hear yourself you take a moment another deep breath you speak
City Lights, Valley low Watching through all the snow From this highway where I stand Twinching fingers, aprehensive hand   City Lights, how you glow Twinkling dots put on a show
bright, bright... extremely bright lights, the spark of flame or the front of a bike Guiding the people through darkness at night arguablly equal to the blessing of life. 
I am from music at volumes so highFrom the feelings of all that make you sigh I am from hours of bright, hot lightsAnd the packing of instruments at the end of the night
The darkness outside shines in through the lining of windows The humid air smells of hard work The quick flash of a cell phone, a camera Lighting up the merry faces of battle-worm winners.  
The nervous sensation running down my skin, the only thing I feel is the desire to win. The wraps in my gloves are sweaty, my shoulders and arms feel heavy. I threw my last punches with all my power,
Please Read carefully, thank you.      Two lights in his eyes, so beautiful, i praise him for it is he i can never despise. The beauty of his green iris, spread through my soul, like the most potent virus.
needle's talking ninety, meter shaking from the volume, windows pulse and this beat-- strands whip over my eyes, windows low and this breeze.
As I speed down the interstate the only thing I see is headlights and tailights for miles. Driving is a passion that keeps me sane, helps me escape, makes me smile. Speeding along,
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