Take a deep breath

Walk on stage

Lights in your face

you're on the stage

you sit in silence


waiting to hear yourself

you take a moment

another deep breath

you speak

you're talking

and conversing

you're someone else

you aren't you anymore

you're a mom

you're a dad

you're a child

your struggles aren't your own anymore 

their struggles are your struggles 

this feeling

this feeling is awesome

being on stage in the lights is awesome

escaping your own struggles is awesome

being a mom is awesoe

being a dad is awesome 

being a child is awesome

being anyone but yourself is awesome

for two hours you feel awesome

the lights against your face brighten you

you can feel the warmth and support from them 

the audience feeds off of you

you're scared but you forget about it

you're on stage and nothing else matters

you matter

your chacter matters

your characters story matters

you characters life matters

you keep speaking

can't stop now

your telling your story 

you feel the lights brighten

you hear the audience laughing


laughing again 

you feel the lights dim 

you take your bow

you smell the curtain's fabric rush past you 

you're done

lights down

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