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  When I was drowning, you saved me You pulled me from the waters cold grasp And lifted my head above the waves of my own depression And for that you were my hero.  
I find myself lost in the ocean but not the one that you think of when you think 'ocean' the liquid is my own thoughts drowning my talents discouraging my mind the water ever-deepening
Where do you go when you have no one to turn to? When the lines of love you had, you've simply burned through... What do you do when hearts lie broken, shattered particals like sand...
Take it slow One breath Then another Day by day Step by step Alone is better Easier Less people to hurt Anger  Isolation Time bomb ticking Blast zone empty
Love, It is a four letter word. spoken in one syllable I remember the day you left I fell to my knees I prayed someone would take away this pain Three weeks passed by and i saw you with her
Stability wasn't a thing I would have known But it got better as I had grown I thought it was the reason that I cried But it's really because of my sadness inside What am I supposed to do
I am sinking.   I am sinking, and I can't remember -  where I started or why I am here?   The azure Sky, the open Sky Open. I scent the Earth in myself . . .  I am sinking.
Calling, Crashing lights are flashing what is happening? this is maddening storm and lightning Fears are frightening Put in writing we can't fight it Can't you stop it?
I slowley sink Into the darkness Of my mind The demons know me They call me by name But they don't care for me For who could love A depressed girl?
I’m stepping in quicksand and can’t break free My vision’s blurred and now I can’t even see
A shot fired across the decka weakened hull. A turning tide.Well, all our anchors hang on chainsand dangle off our changing minds.
  The first thing I ever learned from her is that when she says she doesn't care, she's really lying through her teeth. 
I recall a time not long ago... When I sat amongst the sand, When the waves broke on the shore, And the sun baked my hands.    I recall a time I lay, Utterly at peace. A time long before,
I want you to trust me. I want the smiles, The laughter, And the love back… I don’t want these tears… I don’t want these fears… I want you To believe in us, To believe in me…
I wonder, If you ever think of me. Of all the nights We spent side by side, My head on your chest, Arms intertwined, As our hands engulfed  each other’s. I wonder
The ship is sinking. There is a hole in the bottom of the stern. The women scream and clutch their children with fright While the men run around, struggling to maintain control.
Our boat is sinking, and I hold tightly to it. I tell you it will be alright. I tell you it may stay afloat. Our boat is sinking, and I slide to the end.
The bitter sound of depression slowly devoured my body deeper and deeper sinking into a new demension where the full ocean of sorrow was whipped again far, far away
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