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Breathe in.                     Breathe out. Showtime!
my throat- dry my eyes- watery my armpits- sweaty (but not smelly) my heart- beating- rapidy  their eyes- looking right at me.  flashbacks of all the times i spoke- and paused too long in fear 
They tell meDon't look backKeep your head highThings will get better They tell me, they tell meYou are a strong oneThe past is in the pastThings will get better
I'm better with writting, normally stumbling with words. So what is it I have to say? What is it that I've kept inside? What are the words flooding my mind?   In your arms I am safe and warm
Hello, my love We haven’t spoken much lately. You say it’s the distance. I don’t believe that. Distance is just the time that it takes to make a mistake.
January, February were the months of good packing snow, packing snow on my crippled carcass in cumbersome coats. I lay there and let your bitter cover me.
"Ugh" It's not exactly how I feel But a word that I use to deal Deal with every hardship  Every tear or sense of frustration It's a word I use to deal with pain I'm actually not fond of the word
The first time I walked in I smelled the scent of her candles and penciled in meetings She said speak So I spoke Then I cried.   It began.   The next few consultations
I wish that I could speak That the faces around me Supportive in name and in cause But failing in their infantile attemps I wish that they would listen Instead of changing Masks to frowns
A thousand times they escape my lips  Throughout the passing of dusk and dawn They slip by too fast sometimes Leaving only cruel regret I cannot measure the harm they caused Nor the joy they brought as well
The thoughtless plucking of cords. Air resonating through the pathways of muscle To make sound. Guttural, lyrical, nonsensical Sound refined by teeth and tongue, By the careful pursing and pulling of lips.
I try to speak And my words Are trampled down before they’ve left my mouth. I try to speak But it’s like The most important words are the most loud. And they wonder why I’m quiet?
A few simple words can make the whole world turn,
A cacophony of voices Shouting, begging to be heard A girl adds hers to the jumble But her voice is broken, weak, scarred Damaged.
There is nothing I hate more than to watch people suffer with problems they could easily solve, all because they're too afraid to say something. Everyone has that thing they can't say to anyone else
i adore the feeling of a pencil within my fist,
You’re put into groups of those who are supposed To shut up and keep their heads down. You’re asked to “speak up” when spoken to And when you do without asking They tell you to “quiet down”
In my sleep I dreamt it was day.
Sometimes, I just can't talk My throat becomes swollen  And my eyes teary.  I try. I open my mouth, but no noise comes out. I want so bad to tell you. Everything.
  When I was younger I would sit in the back of the classroom without saying a single word My teacher would always call on me
I write because,       the pen is the only thing that understand me.       And the paper; the only thing that listens.   I write because of hard times,       because of bad times.
A bare rubber sole taps hastily agaiunst the linoleum tile, pencil erasers bounce continuously all the while. In accordance with a strict militant cadence, the test takers continually lose patience.
My brain struggles to translate. There are multitudes of boxes and spilled paperwork, Squares and circles and words running down the walls All by themselves. I love them
I dedicate myself to public speaking Peaking subtly along with the days and nights and weeks and whatever comes next Sometimes I talk too much It’s not enough to always think after I Open my mind up,
I have a thought inside my head I part my lips But cannot speak It seems my thought must go unsaid I lift my pen But cannot write It seems my thought must go unread
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I like you when you speak Speaking words from the many universes inside of you Thoughts dance in your mind and overflow from your mouth As if they were trying to break free
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