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When day turns to night, Where do our hearts lie? In the mist of the past, Or the void of the unknown.   As the sun reaches the horizon, Thoughts dance in our minds. What has happened,
Two theives of hearts, stolen at first sight by looks Looks that not only mezmorised the eye but also camouflaged true pain. The love supplied by vision and the love of beauty, the love that was once unbreakable.
lost amid all the chaos amid the destruction within the broken hills terrified of the withering sobs beneath the dead in the mountains of fear drowning the voices that call
There was small wooden houseAt the edge of the greenIt was there, yet it wasn’tFor it never was seen Save by two little laddiesWho came by the wayAnd traipsed ‘long the pathwayOne crisp autumn day
Beware of Artists for they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous. They study and socialize with any and all people. They are unafraid of what is different, strange, or new.
i gave you a fair warning, BEWARE BEWARE people will strike when you least expected, be aware they say you are their friend (when it's convenient) they wear a mask to hide their true identity like bruce wayne in batman
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