L'amour Fait Mal

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Two theives of hearts, stolen at first sight by looks

Looks that not only mezmorised the eye but also camouflaged true pain.

The love supplied by vision and the love of beauty, the love that was once unbreakable.

When an unassuming party falls into the curse of what is said to be love,

at lead it starts swell and love may feel sweet and perpetual.

But deceivingly it metamorphosizes into something that last but a minute.


Heartbreak, the gemini of all love affairs sets in and seats itself quite comfortably.

Lone nighst turn longer and you begin to yearn for that kiss you happily invited to your lips.

Kisses that spoke french fluently. Those kisses that lasted three seconds seemed to last all eternity.

Oh, that love that was blind and deaf to the call of pain, creeping slowly behind it.

As it neared the end, it was found that love dies with all ties.


That love we thought to be so real was truly just the love of being loved, the love of disproportionate vision.

Infatuation so to speak, a disguise during the halloween of innocent heart seekers.

That craze that drives us to be insane, insane with emotional insecurity.

Oh, how love cries the cries of the sheperd boy.

Lies, oh how it lies, to the hearts of the poor naive souls.

Beware of the love that creeps at night.

For you can soon find that it is not what it is expected to be.

Happiness, in reality, is a heartless theif in the night.

L'amour fait mal (Love Hurts) .



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