Beware of Artists

Beware of Artists for they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.
They study and socialize with any and all people.
They are unafraid of what is different, strange, or new.

Beware of Artists, they are
The Innovators
The Inventors
The Knowledge-seekers
The Questioners
The Rabble-rousers
The Edge-walkers
The Revolutionaries

Beware of Artists
For they are
The ones who will continually keep expressing themselves,
Their hopes, their dreams, their themes, their images, their messages,
Their souls.
Artists are the ones who will never give up,
They will be fighting, working, expressing, creating even as they are exhausted, pained, elated, refreshed.
Artists will create right up to their last dying breath.

Beware of Artists
For they will make you question.
They will question society's established laws, standards, rules, morals, norms.
They are the ones who spark controversy, light injustice, see new solutions,
And walk the type-rope of society.
Artists see, cause, and spread change,
Artists are the catalysts.

Beware of Artists
For they are the strength of a revolution.
They are the one who will crawl towards you bleeding across your floor for the sake of freedom.
Freedom of expression.
You can try to restrict it, restrain it, take it away,
But you can never truly stop it.
For Artists will find a way.

Beware of Artists
For they are never satisfied.
Therefore, are the most dangerous.


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