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i gave you a fair warning, BEWARE BEWARE
people will strike when you least expected, be aware
they say you are their friend (when it's convenient)
they wear a mask to hide their true identity like bruce wayne in batman
their true colors come out brighter than the rainbow in the sky
feelings have been torn apart to where one wants to get high
betray by so call friends in which they are superheroes. not the avengers, but backstabbers

ever see the sign beware of dogs
do people listen? of course not
dudes will either climb the fence or hang in front of the house to smoke pot
when they hear the loud raw of a dog, their heartrates will race so fast, it will break the guiness record
that's why the sign saids BEWARE

beware of the choices you make
consequencse so dire that it won't give you a break
stay away from people you know are fake
like sharks, people smell blood and attack in where one don't have time to swim to the other side of the lake
that's why a wise old man tells his young man BEWARE

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