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Their prayers call out shouting to a false god, a deity made of silicone and lies. Their lungs ache, their throats grow hoarse, but they will not-- cannot be silenced.
One Day I lost you, disappeared in thin Air, I went searching for you but could not find you anywhere Oh the grief you have caused I nearly pulled out my Hair, I looked up, down, all around but nowhere
I was crying because I failed I was crying because I won At that point of deepression, I had no use for fun 8 little pills: red, yellow, and blue Jesus saved me, right on cue
"No dream is too big, no effort is too small. My dream is to make a change. My dream is to change it all.   We spend too much time handling mistakes and crimes,
Drip-drop, drip-drop My head throbs to the rhythm of the moist cave Sinking lower into loneliness, World pushing through my blockade. Jehovah- Rapha  
Young precious girl, What are you doing? She said: "I'm giving up. Too stressed up, to get lucked up. I'm sick of the society putting me down and my "man" wearing the crown..."   Young precious girl, Where are you going?
It’s Just a Heart! By: Kayla Logan The marketplace was off to a boring start that day, Until the cry to gather close, they heard someone say.
Your people claim their free, but is empty of leaders with faith. None can draw a single sword from their diminutive pocket.
Angels and God work side by side To help their people who live down below Their helpful hands work to heal those who are in trouble Angels and god heal those who are hurt and sick or stuck and harmed
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