Forbidden Love

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The taste of your sweat is cold like a waterfall Each time I remember licking it I feel too much pain deep in my chest It pulls from my throat to the place the air settles When I force myself to breathe 
Everybody’s Dead, Z Girl This city’s random, tell me something new, I can’t quite place it, the streets I never knew, I miss you greatly, wished that’s what I said,
I wander through the woods at night my cellphone is my only light  I’m trying hard, with all my might, not to make a single sound.  
A dazzling future that has all but been guaranteed for you, though the wheels of fate that in no time at all will start to turn for me, the best relationship for us is not to be lovers.
What is it to hold one’s tongue of its most beautiful riches? / Why, if the heart, why, if the mind, why, if the soul are printing money, can I not spend it on you? / Look at this vault with no more room / The floor plans to cave in soon.
Every time I try to write How much you mean to me, It comes out feeling cheesy So artifical, crazy.   You are my best friend, it's true I love you more than life. You can turn my day around,
My dearest love, I love you, I do what more can I say? You make me happier every single day. I want to hold you all day long. Our cuddles are great and never feel wrong.
Dear girl Woman I know I can’t Her? But you’re a - Dear Woman, beautiful, beautiful Woman
          Winter is leaving soon- are you prepared for spring? Another year has flown by- not ready to slow down. They say a new year another chance- a new year filled with opportunities.
It’s the smiles you send in the dark. I know the patterns of your breathing to know it is you.  It’s the warmth you radiate in the middle of winter.  You gave me fair warning. “Don’t come any closer”
Wish we did not hide,One mustn't hide happiness,Please stay by my side.
W e were never touching only sent ripples to disappear always caressing in the air with wips of breath   Always sturdy yet bending down lest be touched barely looking
As the leaves change color and the days turn chillyThere's one thing that stays constantand that's my love for you
I don't quite know how to tell you, tell you about what goes through my skull, when your eyes light up like neon street lights, in a city all too far away, I don't know what to say, 
His eyes are grey like the sky. His smile as white as pearl. His mind, a mystery. He is my opposite. Cool. Calm. Collected. and crazy. I cannot love him. I want to but I cannot.
Be my bad decision. The one I make knowing full well the consequences;  Be my fulfilled sinful desire. Leave your conscience at your front door when you come to be caressed by me.  
He is the boy— I said with joy, although I can be mistaken. He fills the space, I cannot erase, and leaves me fascinated.    This cannot be— he says to me,
My Juliet in the stars, your touch of a thousand flowers grazes my skin with honey bee warmth. I run through the golden countryside in hopes of seeing your face among the symphonic winds.
I sit alone, huddled in a corner of misery and knives in my back, crying over my last strand of thread, not long enough to sew my withered shotgun shell of a heart
The great fortress had always been cold and dark. No warm words of affection or touches. There was only ice in the walls, in the halls, in his veins. Forced to be the frost on the castle as its protector, from all evil.
He's desperate for another m
How the touch of flesh can bring emotion
Do not love a man who drinks as if he is invincible (but complains about the hangover);
I look into your eyes that are now so bright... My eyes are dark, with just a flickering light. Oh, how I miss you... I wonder if you miss me too... I don't understand what you see in her,
  Texts in the morning, Texts in the night
You were there for me when he wasn’t. You cared for me when he didn’t. You hugged me when he scolded me. You held me when he pushed me away.   You taught me when he rejected me.
Hands forcefully grasp mine suffocating kisses touches once welcome now repulsive. Figure in the back watches. I stare at headlights. Does our secret show?   Flashback
The Sun begins to fall beyond the hills. I love to see the light caress her skin, But when the star sets we will feel the thrills That come from our forbidden, lustful sin. When you are here I nearly own the Earth,
To her he was a memory Someone who had captured her heart Loved it had it in the palm of his hand The same hands that held her, had been used to hurt another
A dancer delicately flutters, Tiptoes, Pirouettes along the fibers in my mind, Still suspended in the limbo of REM, dreaming and lusting to put power to words. Match the brunt force and desire.
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