Snow in October

I wander through the woods at night

my cellphone is my only light 

I’m trying hard, with all my might,

not to make a single sound.


The wind is whistling through my hair

I hear a noise, much like a tear

I turn to see, but no one’s there

within my chest, my heart does pound.


I breathe again, the worst is past

Alone, alone, alone at last!

but the night above is fading fast

and with the morning I must go.


Back to my school, back to my friends

back to the pain that never ends 

the emptiness that a mortal life sends

far from my love, and all I know.


“Come to me!” I scream aloud.

“Come, my love, like you have vowed

I do not care what’s not allowed.

I need you here with me.”


There is no flash of blinding light

there is no shout, there is no fight

but there’s a change, and it feels right

my love is here with me.


“You called?” I hear him whisper soft

his tenderness comes with his craft

bestowed on him from gods aloft

I smile wide and it feels true.


“The days are quiet, the autumn long.

I’m sick of singing the same old song.

I want to be somewhere I belong.

I want to live down there with you.


Before you begin to protest

I promise I’ll be a mild guest

my mother will call off her quest

when I tell her you’re the one I need.”


My love, he sighed, dark and deep 

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep

your mother will not respect your leap

but I guess, if you so plead,


I’ll make an exception, once, for you

I hate to see you look so blue

because you know I love you too.

My darling, my Persephone.”

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