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I thought I lost someone.   She wouldn’t be back, and now Music struck no more notes With her heart and she spoke
Cold crisp air slicing my lungs with every breath Socks wet from the soggy ground, Feet aching, becoming numb Everything shivers with cold January hurts  
january comes in with a bang 
At times I am menstruating My uterine muscles Pumping at my dry bloody walls  
Here’s a silly poem I came up with. Disclaimer: It is NOT to be taken seriously. I was inspired by a Limerick poem which is meant to be silly and weird. Often times they make little to no sense at all.
  I am controlled by this Bryiana, What story has my face have told? Her very presence sends a chill of electricity down my spine
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say?  I don't like you the way you think I like you I am emotionally attached but not to the point where i will cry over your name if you leave.
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
She stands looking in the mirror and what does she see ? what she appears to be  a young woman of faith  filled with promises from above Her flaws run deep  yet she is washed clean
A notebook of poemsJust for youMy heart on this paperIs all I can do.You said I had a face too beautiful to forgetBut now you loo at me with a face of regret. 
I heard you buzz near.  The quick flutter of your wings, an indicator- that you were small and most likely, ugly.
Chills rested on January's breath A realized sigh, a crushing taste. Plastic tries and glassy eyes. Lived in lies. Spinning, falling, knees of cinder. Trembled tries snap in the winter.
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