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From all the pain that you have caused me, I finally learned that I don’t need you  I learned that all the words that you have spoken, does not compare to the ones he uses  
I remember telling myself that I lost. I quit eating. I quit caring. I left college December 7,2015.  I told myself that I would go back soon.
You chased away my fear Drowned me with passion Held on to me Unexpectedly stole my heart   I was sealed with fate From the first day we met With your sweet kiss From a shower of love
I’d forgotten what happiness was like,he’d hurt me and left me in the dark.Pain was etched in my soul,and anger swallowed my heart.The tears I cried were for loss, because I didn't know it was a gain.
Why is life so unfair?  
I have always felt sick, wounded, and worn. I have been sick since the day that I was born. My body became my own worst enemy Constantly working so hard to kill me,
A touch, a violation, a scream, unsafe, even though it is over. Never the same, cannot be undone. No hope.   Suddenly, a light, a ray of Sonshine, new consciousness springs up from the once barren ground.
You are more than tears and dust and roses, more than ash and blue sky and old scars. you are more, beloved creature, you are the wind itself, the sky,
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