Life's Misfortunes

Why is life so unfair?


It gives you things like happiness and love, and then takes them away with no promise of return. You face abandonment, betrayal, pain and an insane amount of loss.


And for what?


For a few years of a miserable life not lived?


Life promises things like fame and fortune; but when you reach the top you're still unsatisfied and when you're at the bottom, the view upstairs looks pretty great. But no matter where you are, life will always leave unfulfilled and weeping.


So why have any high hopes from life?


Because by the time you figure out what it all means, you'll be too dead to care.






Em Anekaf

This was pretty intense stuff. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but I really liked your alliterations. "Like", "life", "leave" and "pain" and "insane." It helped stabalize the meterless poem. I enjoyed it


Thank you! It wasn't really a poem... it was more of a rant, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. =)


nice. life is a big mystery til you know your purpose


Thanks. Yeah I guess you're right =)

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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