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You tasted like poetry Marigold fields And the hum of white noise You felt like The afternoon on an autumn's day Scholastic book fair The local Pumpkin patch You looked like
Dissolving in your blues, alloying affection, nice luster of cream Tongues part paths, eyes see seas through 
Silent storm chaser  Sweet hail of rain, wildfire, and  Cumulonimbus.   A mystic lover 
Glassy tributes  in fragments of classic fragility  variety of fragrances  as magical coordinates 
Oh, love, stir the rising strip by strip  Where Love has a breath of fresh want  Sweet suspense of her spur  Where she plays a number on me 
Ghosts, spirits, and souls are online  Do we all have limbs to make the net happen?  Heaven and hell, at their heels and flight, saving the line 
New births each day  beneath the oceans Gracious feast and luxurious moments.   Spicy existences 
Do not tell me the word elixir has not breezed you  Dew of springs bridge itch for wet encounters 
I Write my poems freely on the walls of the room By looking natural sky through window's eyes, The stars may add their beauties so me bloom; My face is flattened as lonely air that flies.
i'm not quite sure how to put the way i miss you into words.   i see your face in everything around me.   your taste is a recurrent craving i can't seem to curb.  
The smell of ginger bread fills the kitchen with the heat of an oven reminding me I am home. Stepping outside is a shock wave of senses, the smell of snow in the air that the wind has left behind.
I wish she tasted like cherry A hopeless, cliche, passion So I don the cherry chapstick For a bittersweet illusion   Her velvety lips are strawberry I don't mind strawberry
Some things feel like freedom but it isn't. A kiss can hold you still like a shake in your breath. It can rattle your heart and break your chest. dreams can come true and dreams can shatter
He who has not sipped of the wine from a glass, half-empty....shall never know the taste, of true experience! By: Tonya Carroll
Acknowledge and embrace the smell, the feel, and the taste. Understand: the power of the flower. The flavor is sour- diesel. On a cloud
The soft tender touch of a lover,The hushed whispers from one to another.The beauty of a now stranger lingers in your mind,The faint smell of Lilac lets you unwind.The taste of your tears cascading down your cheek,Her gentle kisses leave you weak.
I’m afraid to give my words to you I’m afraid of how they will taste in your mouth Will you get drunk on them? Or will you throw them up? I hope you get so drunk Ever single letter will become 
The ability of touch is AMAZING. In my eyes being able to feel the softness and roughness of an object is PRAISING. The extravagant foods are so TASTEFUL. 
SCREEAM!!!!! Louder! And Louder! And Louder! Short bursts. Or long, tedious draws that leave you breathless.... Scream until your heart implodes-your heart explodes and you just feel
I can taste it,
A perfect boat of gravy,A tender slice of lamb,Crispy green vegetables,Potatoes straight from the pan.  
I could never grasp
Habits can be good or bad They can make your moods range from happy to sad
What does water taste like? I ask you “Nothing” is the only answer that’s true But how could this crazy fact be true Science can easily explain this to you
Garlic is my name, great flavor is my game I’m a popular flavoring in cooking, you see Eat me raw or cooked, doesn’t matter to me If you eat me as a softneck, I’m mild to hot
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