Taste Like Nothing


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What does water taste like? I ask you
“Nothing” is the only answer that’s true
But how could this crazy fact be true
Science can easily explain this to you

You’re unresponsive to the taste as any
Since Water is the natural taste for many
The chemical sensors on your tongue aplenty
Are made for tasting things strong and many

Strong and significant compounds are best
It’s hard for the tongue to detect the rest
There’s 4 different kinds of taste sensors
There’s bitter, sour, salty, and sweeteners

Water isn't detected by any of those things
This is why we taste water as "nothing"
Unless metals or other liquids are mixed in
Then we can taste the differences

So what does water taste like? Now I know
“Nothing” is the correct answer that shows
Now science has easily explained this to you
About how this crazy fact could be true


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