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Sometimes, we have to be brave to say hello, To a neighbor or a stranger who won't respond.At times, we have to wave at the ducks in the pond, Without being sprayed with spittle or water of coco. Sometimes, we bow our head to greet a teacher, A pr
Hi.  How're you? What have you been up to? Cool.   Hey. What's up? I'm good. Nice.
Good morning Light in the sky Come to wake My sleeping eyes How are you This day bright Never did I Know such might
Ripple September 10, 2018 ~ Monday Daddy Hello, you who held me when I was just a baby To you, who watched me Swathed and bottle fed me
They told me about you. You always came to me in the end.   The end.   “Keep writing poetry, Erin,” my Literature teacher told me At the end of the fall semester.   The end.  
My name is insanity.  See the way my teeth bleed, My eyes shine,  My cackles echo through the corridors of night. Do you see my stretching smile?  I know you do. 
It's a Smile.   She rose like a flower for another hard day she lays for an extra hour and decided to pray   Her morning is slow
I know it's over even though it never really began...   I know it's gone, with no chance of ever coming back.   But in my head and my heart, it was so real.  
I am beautiful.  The image of envy, the cause of smite,  aren't I quite a sight?   The costume is quite convincing, no? The looks, quite decieving.
Maybe you're not good at math. Maybe you're not good at science. Literature History Language Maybe you don’t feel like you’re good at really anything. But hey so do I. As I write this
I get out of bed every morning  because if I were to lie still then who would there be to paint all the colors I see in my dreams? If I were to lie still then my world would never be any brighter 
Hello to you The stars and the moon Hello to you The sky with the blue Hello to you The mountains and hill tops too Hello to you The day is anew  
Look at me. No, look at ME. What do you see? Do you see the me in me? Or do you see the me you only know? The me outside of me? The me that everyone else sees? Look at me.  
We met the other day, All was fine one could say. Let's face the truth: it was not. We were strangers to one another, Different from what we thought. It was awkward, Was it not?  
And now you're gone, Just like a petal torn off a flower after a gust of strong wind. The wind of life carried you away while you were still sweet.. Goodbye. Your aroma still lingers, lavender.
Oh dear nigga poet
I am from colonial style homes, From Sunday morning church and Bible study Wednesdays. I am from the fall leaves on the driveway. (Various oranges, glowing, It tasted like apple spice pie.)
Hello Hello Are you there? Hello Hello Pleased to meet you! Hello Hello Is anybody there? Hello Hello Goodbye Goodbye
The girl who seduces everyone that's who I was trying to be I ended up with troubles
Hey, sup? Shadowed by a name, while trotting on by, in a courtyard, down a hallway; passing by someone. It’s a saluting  sailor or the tipping of a beret.  It’s over in a heartbeat, but what if
I meet a man today. I have known him before. Maybe it was in a past life. He was a simple man of simple means yet he knew of the world. He knew about its wonders and its horrors.
America the Brave, but there's children outside who need to be saved. Using talent's for change, but yet no change. America the Brave, this superior country.
Hey, because many people may not know, how much one hey could really do to a person.   So say hey, because you may never know how much one hey could really do to a person.
The flavor dances to the tip of my tongue; Of the luscious sweetness of the first hello; Biting at the first taste what life has strung; And spitting out my past below.   My first hello of my new career;
I am nothing but a Hello. A starter of conversation. A catalyst of admiration. I have many ways of spreading. Whether it be a firm shake or a smile of accepting. Some may kiss when they greet
I say, “It’s like ‘Welcome to the real world,’ you know?” And six heads nod in agreement.
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