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Abscond.  Verb, meaning to sneak away and hide. 
If rainbows are nothing more than Assortments of water and light, Then why do we attribute So much worth and elegance to them?
I wish not to be forgotten Or my seemingly numb heart Because of the things I’ve said But did not meant And my dry voice
The time that i didn't come home for a day was because I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought that meaby if i disapeared my family was going to be happy. That my mom was going to be happy
Oh little runaway How could I refuse? Take my hand   Here we go! Oh, my little runaway We'll have so much fun
Who are you? I can't see you But I know you're there   Will you stay with me? We can conquer the desert You and me   So what do you say? Run away with me?
Oh, little runaway... Did you mean to meet me here? All alone yet together   I'm standing here Can you see me? Oh, little runaway...   Do you see me? There's no need to cry
Dumb brunets can’t find their way to fraud, It takes gold to do that.   They think you got kidnapped by God And his promise to Noah.
Run away with me
I feel like I can't runaway anymore. I've been running too long. Searching high, hiding low...
Fear.    Has picked up my trail Is looking to find me.  
I am fifteen And my hair is nice and long I still have the curls And my love is not so strong
Let's take off our shoes and run through the grass,
Right now, I may not be able to give you the Sun, Moon, and the stars in the sky as I wish to, I may not be able to lift you up to taste the clouds and touch the heavens,
run little baby girl, let the wind and the sirens comfort you as you go, run as fast as you can, get as far away as you can it's okay, it's not like the others will ever understand
Run away from your problems but where can you go? Run away from your nightmares but you keep drifting off into a distant sleep you want to wake up be told your whole life is a dream
Hey Anyone gotta car? I'm gonna runaway I'm gonna leave this place behind Forget what's been mine I'm gonna make something new It'll be great My Own Place We can make it our secret base
Going out into the great unknown
Last night :Big fightNext morning:lots of mourning4'9 , light complexion ;brown eyes, black hair15 year old femaleNobody knows where
I ran. As fast as I could. To try to get away from him. From the hurt. But he always found me. I screamed. I ran the other way. But I found myself in the end back in his house.
I noticed you leave as it rained yesterdayWiping the last of your paw prints awayI joined with the sky as the heavy drops fellNow my windshield is bare and my heart is as wellI got home from school and waited for you
  From the moment I elevated from my nonsensical age I have become endlessly dedicated to leave this place Moving? From here? You’re home?! You BETCHA! From modular homes that polka-dot
  When I was running away from my family, I was being forced to not leave my home. My parents were talking to me in a very bad tone. My father was furious, My mom was trying calm him down
I am not a track star, but I run anyways. I run from my fears, and my pain. I don’t just run from the bad, I sprint from the good. I run from those who wish to help, Who wish to love me for all that I am.
I padlocked the miles so distance could be kept In a vault where nothing of value could be dreamt Can you slam my fingers in a metal door Till they crunch and I can't touch No not anymore
Tell me, Muse, of the boy with the red backpack Walking with a swagger in the diversity-filled Queens. Tell me how the bus would take him through the noise To his serene, tree-lined block just off Hillside Avenue,
Verse 1: Sometimes I wanna runaway, But I can't find the words to tell you I'm not gonna stay, So I'm just gonna say "You don't belong to me, your washed up, your so fake"
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