Dorothy is For Real

Dumb brunets can’t find their way to fraud,

It takes gold to do that.


They think you got kidnapped by God

And his promise to Noah.

I know you better than that.

You ran away


Each footstep abroad

Filling your insides with

Shiny black pebbles

That you called home.


I know you went on a journey of lightning

For the sake of the wander

Lust got you bumping and grinding

Against tin.

Add some black oil

And you lost it.


I know you liked sparkles

Because they made you shine,

Sang melodies just to rhyme

For the cool, cold kids.

Reverse, reverse.

Cold, cool kids,

So you could drink cool aid.


You cramped and tripped over your shoes,


Clicked them three times,

While you were failing to flail for life.


Now your back where you started.


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