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I am  
In one year of agingI grow to be seniorthis status is not mentalI still have so far,to go. So far,have I comegreat distances traveledgreater obstacles climbedand the greatest people met. I follow otherslike waters to the moonsthe deepest ripples f
I drink, I drone, My future unknown. Coffee helps with the moan, And early morning foam. To college I’ve shown, Myself a new home, Though to graduate alone, Brings itself a sad tone.
Sitting in a classroom Not knowing what I am going to do -or where I am going to go. I am a senior. I should know what I want to do with my life. I must, before it’s too late.
The day has come to look back on it all Seniors, here it is, and it's been a ball We begin with our childhood, well the days we can remember
It's nearing the end 'So long for a while' I say I'm graduating
I'm gunna make it baby, yeah I'm determined to 
  Change my life make me a professor Who do I pray to? Who do I call on?  My life will never be the same  Don’t Let Athena see my sorrow Don’t Let Zeus hear my pain
I can be what I want to be Through my volition I will cut off these arms And in their place will be the real me A pair of wings To be free To go further than I ever have before
Hey you teacher standing in the front of the class room. You make me want to stand up and smack you with a dirty broom.
I'm finally here Right where I want to be It seems as if it has taken forever For me to see so clear But here I am A college student Making her way through classrooms and side walks
They ask, they stair, questions fill the air. Gaspping, harrassing. They say the classes are forever lasting. in your brain if you dont go insain. pray, cry; never ask why. keep calm move on. dont dwell on yesterday.
  Irritating and annoying, Describes the horror of your class. I can barely stand you, And quite frankly you smell like bass.  
You think you're hot sh*t don't you because your clothes fit you and you got a nice whip riding after school. You think you're hot sh*t don't you because we will never be like you
I walk the halls that grow increasingly familiar Yet at the same time, recognition becomes harder These faces? These people? Strangers. As the years go by, the ones I know  Disappear.
  What can I tell you about my school? It’s okay, nothing special Been with the same kids year after year Been with the same teachers year after year It tends to get monotonous Hearing the same drama
Looking at you is like looking in a mirror same face, same features growing up with you has been a joy but now we are both seniors about to part our ways and I dread this day for I ask myself everyday
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