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As I dwell on this long and lonely road   One everlasting mile away from home   You see me on the bench, jacket zipped   Book open in my lap, my head dipped   Poetry in motion,  
You were my big brother though we weren't blood, Through everything you always came through,  Now that you are gone my tears begin to flood,  Wished I could've said goodbye, who would've knew? 
The person who always looks happy Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always care about others Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always works hard
The earth slows to a stop And everyone cries
There was a smell of suicide in the air tonight.
I see you. I hear your words. I feel your tears as they fall, forbidden from your eyes.   Oh how your sadness consumes you. Outside lies the false imagery of peace.
Feel me? Feel my pain Love lost Love gained Love will drive you insane Love obtained can be tamed Nobody wants to be temporary Don't have time for "hi's" and "bye's"
How does one mend a broken heart? Let go Don't dwell on what's been  It's not fair to what's now Or what could be Don't be the one to wish "what if" That "what if" will turn into "why"
I wear black, and cover my eyes. I hide my scars, and hold in my tears.   I hide my face from everybody i know. But when it shows, my smile is fake. I'm good at hiding my pain.
Im not emotional I did not cry I do not cry But yet I am sad Should I cry? I dont think I should
i want to see the way you have shown me i want to love the way you have loved me i want to be the person you believed I could be I want to go the road you marked for me to follow I want to feed the fire you sparked
Consistant abominations test my patience from that sticky gum under a desk
I think you think that you know me/but I'm sit'n in the car with the engine running/could this be over before it breaks?/sappier than a Romeo and Juliet/let's look down & to the side/figured me out like a jigsaw puzzle/the pieces soggy with t
War, meaning to bring more gain,  only to cause much more pain. Seeing the tears. Feeling the pain. Hearing the cries, the cry of war. A child, climbing out of her broken bed,
Why must happiness be so hard but grief and hatred so great? Why must we learn or except our fate I feel like crying, I feel like dyeing
Flowing through my ears like calm water, The mood is chilled, But all of a sudden it gets hotter, It started to build, the rhymes started to kill, started to thrill,
Alone in a world, & silent,Void of voice and speech intent.Wanting to let out and say,But no thoughts to come what may.Having tongue,But no heart to speak…Leaves one in a circumstance, bleak.
I was to young to  deal. Started not to feel. Never took the time to heal. Somehow it didn't feel real.   I was to young to see. Thought it was apart of being me.
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