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Sea shell at the bottom of the wave water crashing down forcing it to be brave as the watchers sit at the beach one decides to take a leap a step into the wave to save that shell
Take a road on the jet-black highway, You are about to embark on a new adventure, The scorching sun hits the surface as the heat waves rise, The eagles fly high above the flower-decorated cacti,
Dear _______,   I won’t give you a name. You know who you are And I know, too.   I’m trying to forget. I’m trying to let go of the Little obstacles I’ve been through.  
I try as hard as I can,  to fight this battle, but sometimes I just can’t win,  and the ennui enshrouds me, in its dark miasma.   I have retreated, I ran,  away from the sickening prattle, 
Sometimes in order to say what you mean you can't mean what you say He won't understand the heat in my eyes the monster in the mirror or the way my stomach becomes a mile deep when I see Him
Every right is also wrong, every road is hard and long. Nothing ever has an end, it simply twists and snares and bends.  
The dust swirled with great aggression, resembling my thoughts, twisted and uncontrollable. The sky illuminated with darkness, black and gray, and ash,
I'm still waiting
Dutiful to those in need Yes to amost any thing Loves to sit listening Anchor for any who need Needs for nothing, but some sleep
Distance is like a spark, indiferent of the fuel only offering ignition. Fueled by emotion, there is a reason most stop at the notion to ignite this flame.
You are simply beyond my reachA treasure I can no longer keep For holding on to something at such a distance Meets with such strong resistance
Why? Why am I afraid to speak? Why am I afraid to prove I've excelled, Out of misguided fear that I'll appear single-celled? Success is what happens when you reach your peak,
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