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There was a time when I was trapped by fears No day went by I didn't shed tears Haunted by these worries, counting every scar and ache It seemed every moment I could feel my heart break
My love, you are my world; You fill me with imagination, inspiration, new creations; You open my eyes to see what can be. You are my life; My heart beats for you, I breathe for you; You are my heart;
Pressed with 1000s of thoughts Thought tilting me down What about tomorrow Those voices kept singing The present alarming the future The colourful butterfly kept fly When would I grab one?
It is my safe haven. The place in which my soul retreats To relax To recharge To think. It allows me to ponder And wonder
It starts with a single one but then comes the tornado. And before I know it,  I'm suffocated by my thoughts.
There are snowballs in my head that grow bigger every second and trample me there are snowballs in my head.
I’m having trouble handing you my heart It’s not your fault They say, “Dive in, vulnerability is beautiful” But it’s not worth the sobbing and seemingly endless aching
Little Worries “Do what’s right and never lie.” I say “Why, when he’s big and mean?” She ask. “Little voices can do big things.” I say “Little voices get hurt too,” she says.
I was walking My feet nearly floated with each step The sun cloaked my body in sunlight like linen Yet I was worried My anxiety gripped me like a chokehold
Changes are going on And it is a little hard to deal When things aren't what they were. You don't know how to feel. College is right around the corner And you're the first one to attend
The mind it worries And always hurries To dream up scenarios  In which it needs heroes. 
You are not the kind of girl who goes out to parties so late at night, sure tonight was a different night and you wanted to live a little bit, but you are not this girl and you know it.
Let me grip tightly to this life in this moment With everything standing still while time is stolen
Friends and I moving on.Two are going into the militaryOne isn't good with structure.One structures everything.  
Uncertainty that runs through our blood. Future out of our mortal hands. How shall my life go?
Thoughts swallow me whole All alone no words to share with others who care I can not escape the pounding from within Questions scream for answers that never come
Think.   Not about you
She stands there quietly Trying to fight down the fear She’s next in line, next to audition Hoping she makes it to the end She’s biting her lip, worried she’ll forget A single word or a whole line
Tick, tick tockthe bell rings, startling meStep, step, tapmy shoes moving swiftly through the hallwaysNotebooks, pencils, paperOn every students desk
There can not be a life better than ours. full off happiness and joy. This life that we live without the worries that most kids outside the world we know live.
Worries, fears, and doubts consume Hovering and sinking in My breath is short The hurt is long Do I bury the beasts? Or keep on running away?
After the winds have settled amidst the stress and tension, there you find your true peace.   The storm will pound down, pulling at all you have. But, through the sheets of rain
Coming to an end No drama to be found Solely disappointment What could be and what was Nothing but a large fuzz A cloud, a wall, a veil Sad, but true Not one thing to misconstrue
The sky is clear, but in this cage it is hard to notice. This cage that constricts me from seeing beyond the bars is unbearable, and I am unable to set myself free.
Behind this smile lies something underneath, that the naked eye cannot see. I'm filled with insecurities and worries. But in time I'll overcome them, just like the protagonist in one of those made up stories.
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