Little Worries

Little Worries

“Do what’s right and never lie.” I say

“Why, when he’s big and mean?” She ask.

“Little voices can do big things.” I say

“Little voices get hurt too,” she says.

“Then what would you like to do?” I ask.

“I want to scream and kick him.” she says.

I stare at her. Blond hair and brown eyes.

Devils smile and sneaky words.

“You never hurt others.” I say.

“You do what’s right, even when

everyone does what’s wrong.” I add.

She stares at me, big eyes wide.

Small mouth open, missing tooth in front.

“I’m tired of being picked on.” She says.

Her voice small, her hands knotted.

“Even the greats were picked on.” I say.

She looks up, eyes glossy, lips quivering.

“I’m not a great.” She says.

I lean down, my eyes at hers.

“You will be one day, and that is when

everyone who ever picked on you, and called

you names will be afraid.” I say.

She nods, her eyes resolved, her lips pressed tight.

“Can you help me with my homework?” She ask.


This poem is about: 
My family


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