Safe Haven

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 17:53 -- KkJones


United States

It is my safe haven.

The place in which my soul retreats

To relax

To recharge

To think.

It allows me to ponder

And wonder

And express

Things I could not

Otherwise, make known.


A strategic move

To where I can see everything

In a new light.

It comes naturally to me




When I take refuge

In my safe haven.

I have nothing to hide

From the page.


It holds all my secrets

And it will not let them go,

Not share with anyone

Other than me.

My safe haven

Is a place for only me.

It knows what I leave

Unsaid and unassumed.

It carries the weight for me.


I give my safe haven my worries

And my fears

To hold on to for me

So I do not have the burden

Of their gravity

Holding me in one place

Like an anchor.


With my fears, and worries

Carefully hidden

In my safe haven.

I can be free of them,

And free to move forward.

As if I have no fears

Or worries.

So I can chase my dreams




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