being strong

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This white porcelain bowl I’m kneeling over it The cold rim I grip with my fingers. I am white knuckled Tears are running down my face,
Dear mom,  I forgive you for the scars on my mind that will never go away. I forgive for the nightmares I wake up from in the middle of the night thinking everyone has left me. 
Dear Past Me, I know its so hard to let go. The world isn't against you like you always thought it was. The world is just the world. And You are just you. Be. Be awake every morning.
Dark Place I have a home, a bed, some food, and a family... Though not a day goes by where there is not a calamity. Not a fight, war, or diaster occurs...
I am ready to move on I am ready to let go I am done tormenting myself with what could’ve or should’ve been. It’s time to let the past be what it is.
It's painful That helps Not really To describe it Seems a little Silly For me Pain is Your heart I want To throw it  Away sometimes Because too often
Consider the possibility that Mother Nature could verbally convey what needs be. Instructing us to split far from society Furthermore, to take our own way Directing us at all times
  My family and I Are all very close The 7 of us Go day by day living life   Experiencing new Georiga And all the fun things to do We love living here And being together  
Kindness, integrity and respect                With the heart of shear compassion and determination Giving up will never be an option                 But failing will not be shameful
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