animal rights

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When I was a teen I had a rat. A white dumbo rat, with red eyes, who was blind. Her name was Fresno, like the California nightcrawlers she bore resemblance to.   
Do you see him cowering there in the corner? His owner has beaten him, he’s falling apart. Broken bones, it’s a cycle that never ends. He whimpers. Will bad fortune ever bend?   Do you see her all alone?
Picking fruit and swimming in the trees Spending time with family Until the day of depravity    Homeland destroyed and community slaughtered  Snatched and sent overseas  To life science facilities 
"what is the thing your are most afraid of?" i ask  the pigs look at me and a river falls from their eyes "life" they answered before my next question asking them "why?"
I.   Dear Tesfaye, I wish you didn’t have to grow up like this. I wish there was more I could do to help. You are only four, still too young to fully understand. Poverty
Dear Vegetarians, I am one of you. A word that defines 4% of our youth And only 3% of adults. A definition that encompasses so much more
Please don’t make fun of me When I say I’m a vegan Because you say you love Fluffy
we learn to hate to slice and maime to choose our possessions  and keep souls bound and chained   every mortal wants to be immortal every one wants to be free what is keeping us so imprisoned
Master, I wonder why do you beat me so. What have I done to deserve this pain. Is it because my name is Pitbull
A jungle environment With fists clenched tight. Clinging onto fig branches Like a baby koala. Fingers sharp and tightened, Like ET,Calling phone to home.   Eye sockets widened,
I do not eat my friends You eat my friends I can see their ends Sometimes... people stab my friends they feed my friends to their friends I can see their ends
I have only seen my father cry twice But the first time I saw him spill crocodile tears Into the Nile river of grief was four years ago.
I've tried so hard to silence the silenceI've waited so long and haven't seem much but little ripples in the darknessI'm not satisfiedI'm not OK with what I've been taught to think is real. 
Velvet triangles, shiny black buttons and soft pink hands  that grip the underside of my window.   He is peaceful, finally fully unafraid while sleeping while only I watch his steady daytime slumber.
Do a flip for me!  Do a trick, it'll be the only way you'll get your food. Smile Sweetie, Pumpkin, Jimmy, Armie! I hope you enjoy the room, it'll be your home forever. Want to run? Swim?
As you barbarically rip the skin from my back
Before I was bornIt was warm and cosy.Sometimes I felt uneaseBut the rest was rosy.  
How can you slaughter them? The poor, hopeless babies The weary, weak elders All the souls in between   How can you sleep at night, Knowing that you are causing this suffering?
There is change great and small, At times it feels as though it doesn't matter at all. So many things that go on That could fill a hundred songs, Never get to see the day of light 
If i Had The Power to Change. i want the, the power to change lives around me the power to change the cities that surround me the power to change the wind in my sails
They will break your heart Innocent lives gone forever Simply euthanized Taken without their consent Animals, we are their voice
Hear that rumbling roar, See that majestic bird soar,
On earth they lived since long ago then human race began to grow these children of nature are dissapearing but here we are not even caring slowly the world is also dying
The bitter cold tickles my delicately frosted leaves, chilling me to the very core of my being.
Too young, too small, but maybe so am I.
I am a frog  With no dog Because that dog Ran off my log Even though I chased my dog Off my log In the fog Now I see a hog  About to jog To my log To eat a frog
Here's a story about a cup lost and lonely was the cup we found it sitting all alone Then someone said please pick it up And so they did and washed that cup They washed the cup and let it dry
Abuse of a pet Innocent as a child Never forgiven.
Duct tape Punch Kick Throw Slap Cut Bruise Scratch Scrape Starve Hurt Thirst Weight
Ripped away from mothers Means nothing As long as we can benefit No room to breathe Means nothing As long as we can benefit Never seeing the outdoors Means nothing As long as we can benefit
I was born to this world as men's best friend, Not to be abused or to make this the end. We jump and play, it was all in vain I was named with happiness, Now my name is worthless. I want to speak and ask why
I am the meadow, the tranquil meadow. I am the trees, the trees that gently swayed. I am the birds, the birds that sweetly chirped. I am the flowers, the flowers that bobbed and danced.
Carbord, sharpie marker, to me is making a way asking for help asking to be loved nothing wrong with that coping with it stress trying to make it better What's the problem?
They are just like us, From characteristics, To emotions. They lift our spirits, On our darkest days. They always want to Be with us Even if we ignore them. They complete Our life.
Vegan, a what? Cult? A kinda Fruit? Is that in the Middle East? (heard it all) No meat, no animal milk or eggs!?! A freak, a hippy, an anarchist, A radical extremist, must be sickly,
They're quiet and calm, blending into the waves of the ocean shore. Shells hard and tough like stone. Not intimidating or threatening, just there. There living and roaming. There to make the sand its friend and
Here we stand. We're stuck in sand. Don't know where to land. Can I get a hand?
Animals have feelings too, This is why we should not beat them with a shoe. Animals should be treated like family, Just sit back and see.
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