I Am The Meadow


United States
40° 46' 31.6632" N, 73° 14' 28.1436" W

I am the meadow,
the tranquil meadow.
I am the trees,
the trees that gently swayed.
I am the birds,
the birds that sweetly chirped.
I am the flowers,
the flowers that bobbed and danced.
I am the cattle,
the cattle that greedily grazed.
I am the hands,
the hands who held the ax.
I am the ax,
who stole the trees.
I am the logs,
the logs that give no shade.
I am the nests,
the nests that harbored the birds.
I am the birds,
the birds who could not save the flowers.
I am the flowers,
the flowers that withered away.
I am the meadow,
the meadow an Eden no more.
I am the man,
the man the butchered the cattle
that cut the trees,
that killed the birds,
that killed the flowers,
I was the meadow.



this is well written. keep it up!


I think out of so many of them I really loved this one especially because I got the image of the places. That was amazing.

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