Loving yourself

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We sometimes fall, We sometimes crawl, But you know we always find the wall, Reaching for it no matter what falls, Shows endurance and give strength, Because one day you'll make the decision,
Dear hopeless I of my past, I could say it wouldn't last But there is a storm on every horizon you see Yet one future day you will wake and find yourself as me I know how hard it had been
Who are you in the flesh?Were you always masculine or feminine Or were you just too extreme for the box?
I remember deciding I was awesome, and that was all that mattered. I remember thinking others were bossy, Crying because I was called the same.
My chest tightens As the bile rises up   Hurtful words pass my ears And echo in my head   “I'm too ugly”
Dear Conscience,   Do you remember when I was young? Because I can’t seem To fit those pieces together For where I am now  
I love him. I say in my head. Over and over. I love him. Of course I love him. Why wouldn't I love him? There's no one better. I'll never find anyone better. I don't deserve any better.
I haven't forgotten the girl whose name no one knew. She never let herself be The person people didn't see, But she never was reason for rumors either. She only did what made her content.
When you went away, I dreamt of the sun drenched mornings we spent together, and I thought of the smell of the sea in your wet hair and the glint of sand on your skin as I watched you drive us home,
Who Am I? It's the lone question every single human breathing on this Earth asks. I have struggled with this question myself. It's a difficult task. 
I fell in love with his tragedy the way summer comes The retreat of the sun only breeding vulnerability coercing me, importuning me, to surmise my sole worth in this wretched world was to be enough for him
The room reeked of the smell Of my parent’s disownment, Once again I was back in crazy town.   They didn’t understand
Hourglass, tiny waist, perfect hair, pretty face Crystal clear, porcelain skin 24/7 spent in the gym Water only, no food diet
Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?
SEA OF THE BLUESBY MIRA WILDERPeople are always passingyou jointsit's hard to refuse themLovers are always making you hurtyou still excuse themfor so many years
The descending sun casts brilliant hues of orange and red across the sky
Within myself, I hold a universe. Silent. Darkened eternity. Stars and galaxies seem distant and far  As you naviage the empy planes And cold and desolate Planets that may have once held life
I am a queen of the Nile like Cleo and Nefertiti, It doesn't even matter if you like, friend, or see me,
I hated the poetry sections of my high school English classes I have Shakespeare to blame Never couldeth I understandeth his tactics So, naturally, with this I ask that God help me
Some long time ago I stopped loving myself I stopped believing in my self I stopped Listening to my self Not that I wanted to but because i was persuaded by the world I started Loving the world
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