Not Love

I love him.

I say in my head.

Over and over.

I love him.

Of course I love him.

Why wouldn't I love him?

There's no one better.

I'll never find anyone better.

I don't deserve any better.

He wants me to stay.

So I'll stay. 

I just want to make him happy.

It's all for him.

I am nothing without him.


I don't remember

the last time he thanked me.

I don't remember

the last time we laughed together.

He's gone now and I miss him.

I miss him.

I love him.

He was all I've ever loved.

I love him

I love him

I love him.

I am nothing without him.

I am nothing.

He made me who I am.

I am pathetic.

I hate myself.

The good memories are fading away

I don't remember why I loved him.

The good outweighs the bad, 

I would always say. 

But I was wrong.

The bad outweighed the good.

I don't miss him.

I'm finding who I am.

I found someone new

Someone who makes me

Genuinely smile

The smile never leaves my face. 

Someone who always

Appreciates me.

Someone who truly

Loves me.

Someone who would 

Do anything for me.

I love him.

But I don't have to keep reminding myself.

Because I always remember.

And he always reminds me. 

I found him.

The one to give me real love.

The one who helps me

Love myself. 

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