Within myself, I hold a universe.

Silent. Darkened eternity.

Stars and galaxies seem distant and far 

As you naviage the empy planes

And cold and desolate

Planets that may have once held life

Are now starless and dead.

Ideas abandoned or flung away with the death of a sun.

Nothing there left to see

A darkness so complete it is penetrating

And the silence itself sings.

In this nothing, there is me:

A darkness, still and endless,

But if that is all you see,

Perhaps you are not looking close enough.


Stars that are nothing more

Than pinpricks of light at a distance

Are fiery and all-consuming up close.

The planets, now nothing more than wanderers,

Once thrived around this warmth.

Their siblings still do.

In heat and intensity

Racing around the star they call home

There are ideas still burning

And deing still living.

They fight all their petty wars

A taste of time

In a vast eternity.


And if you listen,

You may hear

The sound of the heavens 

Crackling away

In its silent intensity: a song.

Never just the silence 

You have come to expect.

 A song that you may never know

But hear all the same

If you chose to look at the sky.


Each galaxy orbits the other

The tides that rush the water 

All the same 

In a creation of life.

Each idea burns its course

And dances with the others

Colliding and fading in a constant birth and death.


In the nothing you swear you see

There are dances

And ballods

And ideas so bright they are blinding.

There are battles and blood.

In thi universe,

There is more than you can imagine.


The world is chained together

Pulling and pushing

Against each other

Each independent aspect

Running my world


And in this eternity 

Rests me.


I am the star that burns.

I'm far too bright.

I am the deep black hole

With far less light.

I am the wanderer bound

By no star's strong grasp

I am the darkness, eternity

A solid, a gas.


So in this nothing

I beg you look deeper

Than what you claim you can't find.

My dear, I am much smaller

Than nothing.

Look closer

And you will see life. 

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