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CONSUMMATED SIMPLICITY 09/01/22, 12:58 - 1:20 am   ~ by Debi Lyn    
I see the Sky clasp cymbals of the Sun, I see the Sky clasp tambourine of the Moon, The heads of the Stars, as states and nations 
I yearn for how life loves to love  On the bridge of experience  Every fine day blooming by the tick 
Fine taste of life wakes in palms daily  Full seasons soon explore their chance to purpose 
by Debi Lyn Monday, August 16, 2021   To kiss your lips is magic; your smile ignites my soul. The solid gaze of your blue eyes ensures I’ll soon lose all control.
CALM - CRESCENDO - COLLAPSE ~ by Debi Lyn on W 05/05/21 8:30 a  
  My prize you are Your bride I would be    When ever You call I'd be, there, there to serve my role.    My role to you
your laugh is music to my ears.   i cling to your every word like my favorite lyrics.   you strum my heartstrings like you've known how to play your whole life.   somehow i already know the tune.
galaxy eyes look deep into mine in them i can see the milky way.   lips like beams of light create supernovas when they graze my body.   hands like planets orbit around my hips
I love to stare at beautiful men their hair flows just right. looks like their jawline can cut me open in one slice. a hug is just like paradise  just fell their body next to mine  with those muscles
My body was a vessel for the male ego, An instrument of pleasure and of sexual gain, Until a sensory angel came into my life And turned sex into love again.   
Worship is a fetish. Worship rocks, worship animals, worship planets, worship stars, worship sky, worship ground, worship man, worship mind, worship everything you can wrap your brain around and then worship everything you can't.
Dear Life,
Sometimes I miss life Yearn for it really Maybe the apst I'm not sure, it's just a flutter I yearn Yearn Yearn that is the word I feel I yearn for the things I don't have  
The biggest moment of happiness they had in their life was when you were born with new hopes and enlightened their courtyard with smiles and immense pleasure you were the precious gift
An unconscious numbing feeling Putting all worries on hold for just five more minutes No thought of consequences, just the moment   Nothing like this sensation Hitting snooze and cocooning oneself
Glistened with color, Perfectly riped, Hidden deep within the branches, Created and waiting only for my sight, It only took one bite, of the forbidden fruit and I was addicted.  
As it walks down the side walk You invite it into your home It is your best friend so you talk Then you give it all you own  
Bonechiller   Rattles the ribs, Chills the bones,   Breaks through the barrier of flesh Sticking its knife like fingers   Into my skin, Like a fresh baby.  
Now, Joy was filled all over, And sadness is seen in some; Though joyous they would be, they seem sad But sweetness flowed on others minds.   Sadness was filled, by the day’s end
To have our lips grow closer and then touch, so we may feel each other. (A prerequisite to tasting,
The shadow of the candle flame flickers against the wall. Rhythmic melodies and beats creep their way into the ears.
"I'm going to swing from the chandelier"
I love the touch of your warm hands running through my hair. How we share the Safire stars that holds the skies together. I cherish the moment when you drop a heart of white chocolate into my coffee.
I am empty. No feelings, no thoughts, no memories. There is nothing there, because everything that which was, seems to have escaped me.
We must leak Leak a joy that no one's sorrow or anger can touch Leak a passion that is as contagious as a beautiful smile Leak a strength that even when you have given your all to the weakest you are still strong.
See the butterflies fly at dawn, Catch them all before they're gone.   Some fly in shadows, Some fly in light. Some fly with ease, And some fly with might.  
When we die, We'll fly like birds in the sky, Together till the end of forever, N' every soul in death is the same, With a story to its name, N' these bird all cry, Singing the songs of pain n' pleasure,
Humans are creatures, who seek physical pleasure. Demise comes with it. 
A forbidden love leaves me in shambles;
You're the perfect balance between sexy and sweet, cruel and kind. I want you in my bloodstream. Take over my mind. I can't get close enough to you. Your touch has me melting and
I built a place of brick and stone, Somewhere to lay my head, The light shines through the southern face, A window near my bed.   This place I made shields me from all, The elements outside.
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