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A time when each breathe was a puff of white smoke; When days seem shorter than the nights. The sun barely danced in the sky as shivers escalated my arms; I chewed on my lip with my heart skipping in my chest.
Don't look now, child The world has gone to war They don't care that you're just a child To them, you're one soldier more. - Those aren't gunshots you hear now Those aren't dying screams
What Would I change? Thats a question to many but ony few can answer. What we see when we look into the world that we kive in is pain, heartache, heartbreak and chances missed beung chances we must take.
This world Governments rule over the people People lose faith in the power They lose faith in themselves Someone rises up from the fallen And leads the people Fighting for peace and freedom
She makes her way around the grounds, following birds and whistling loud, she cherishes those sounds, letting her know that its all safe around.   Soon enough the peace is gone, a sudden scream,
Because we inhaled The tainted air, The air provided to us By the one above, not God But the dictator. The only leader we have known In our short lives   Because we inhaled
SHE woke upTo EXPLOSIONSbursting her earlobes …Gun shots brought her to a state of CONFUSIONAs time SLOWED Then stoppedThunder crashing, people gasping, CHILDREN cryingWhy  must we WATCH themslowly Dying, fighting, HOPINGCalling out to a world tha
the greatest Americanshave not been born yetthey are waiting patientlyfor the past to dieplease give bloodto those crumbled tabloidssharing a storywith a burning Bush
Stop the crying The bleeding, shouting— I can’t sleep.   Oily unease bubbles out My knees grow heavy Throat cluttered by horror, undigested   The buildings alight across the city
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