SHE woke upTo EXPLOSIONSbursting her earlobes …Gun shots brought her to a state of CONFUSIONAs time SLOWED Then stoppedThunder crashing, people gasping, CHILDREN cryingWhy  must we WATCH themslowly Dying, fighting, HOPINGCalling out to a world that has them on  unchecked voicemailDoing nothing to helpWe failed at our pre-HUMANITIES testAs they protestTry and ProtectWhen tears have choked themSwimming in depth of sounds of mourning fightersAs we float on Greedy life boats of non-respectLosing the morals WE had once found to be CORRECT Drowning her in crowds ofrunningScreaming, saving,HUMAN BEINGS SHE WOKE UP to the noisy crowdsTrying, Grasping for airWithout a doubt this life of ours is not FAIRTrashed streets covered with cement and bloodAndSoulful tears dry up on the face of MOTHERHOOD As HER son fights for herTalk about a MOTHER’S DAY GIFTThis boy GAVE his LIFE to herDedicated his love FOR herTook a bullet to the brain By her As she took a Knife to the HEART she shared with himBled out her tears from pores of her soul withinDRAPED herself on his limp bodyCRYING for a son she almost died for Who is now DYINGonly to smile back to her face and whisper Back to her"I found the love, you gave. It was between your arms like a soldier” And for this she ached, on blood covered sandTimeless pain filled her lungsAs she GAZED at his shallow breathing A slow beating drum crashing immense waves of love  They woke up hand in handA nation oppressed far too longBreaking chains on their bodyPutting their fist upPEACEfor broken PIECESof love and national longing Half way across the SEASWith a cursed and witnessing world… She DROVE onPraying as a woman  with black coversA BELIEVERSeparated from hate, politics and it's evilHeated by these debates Of whether to help or not to even botherBy men who waste, glorious minutes and hoursWith well dressed suits in tall and fancy towersAs THEY live another dayhoping for powerFools in complete controlLike hate and devourHaving no visionTo help or console A generation When in this case She fights for her PEOPLEHer NATIONLike a warrior, a soldierShe Screams out for ” FREEDOM”Beat and stepLike a still bound DRUM buther legacy still kept BEATING ONHeads held highAnd news cast found consent LIKE SPIES Bring truth to the tableand beneath this all The covered lieswhere conqueredAs she still humsIn the beating drum of his heart the word FREEDOM

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