Because We Inhaled, You Did Nothing

Mon, 09/02/2013 - 01:26 -- Nnedds

Because we inhaled

The tainted air,

The air provided to us

By the one above,

not God

But the dictator.

The only leader we have known

In our short lives


Because we inhaled

The sweet smell of death

Because we were the children to die

And not your own,

You do nothing.


As the tentacles of serrin gas

Crepped into the room

Slithered into our lungs

Filled the empty spaces in our minds,

The places where wisdom

Would have resided

Are now filled

With the exhale of our dreams,

Our hopes for the future


We hope you never know what it is like,

As we look our mommy and daddy in the eyes,

As our own crept shut

Never to see light again.

None of us

Four hundred in number

Will know what it is like to hear our parents voices again

Will know what it is like to play outside with our friends

Will ever fall in love

And have children of our own.


But you will.


You, who comprise the most powerful nation on earth,

You do not want to punish the man who killed us,

Who took away our dreams,

Our hopes,

Our lives.

But you say you have good reason.

You say that it is none of your business 

What this dictator does to his people.

Justly so,

It is none of our business

What he will do to you.


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